Eduction and the learning community is a necessity. I think its important to share and learn from each other. I’ve been involved in the K12 learning plattform for sometime, working with digital transformation and empowerment for both students and faculty. 2013 I became apart of the global community Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE´s). This community challenges the traditional classroom with technology and revolutionises the learning process with modern tools and assets. I´ve been involved in strategical polices regarding ICT in Botkyrka municipality but also on a national level with SKL (Statens Kommuner & Landsting).


The importance of sharing good examples and great form has given me the opportunity to adress several events around the world like the Apple Leadership Summit in Sweden and the U.K, and recently in Singapore at the ICTLT convention.


2016 I was given the Trevor Dolan scholarship at the SETT convention in Stockholm and I hold a certificate in pedagogy from Stockholm University.


I think its amazing that we have these opportunities in this modern age. To deliver stories with students that are engaging and inspiring. Technology is not the solution but it´s a tool for the creative mind.


Empowering students with technology gives them a voice and an oppertunity that was impossible just yesterday. Listen, to have the option to write music, direct and shoot a film was pure science fiction when I was young. You needed a record deal or a great sum of money to cut a descent demo. The same goes with filmmaking. Today you can tell a story with a smartphone containing your own photo and music. I think that is amazing and worth acknowledging.


My work with students have spanned from creating original musicals, music videos, live concerts that has been streamed across the globe, and a learning community that engages and empowers students to believe that they create what their minds are set to do.




Musicals & Filmproductions


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