As long as i can remember, I’ve been intrigued by the creative process of composing, producing and arranging. There is something very fulfilling with it, watching the piece grow and change form. As technology became more available and the prices dropped, more and more musicians, as myself, leaped into the space of home studio recording to fulfil our dreams for expression.


I would say that my diverse interest in music has found a way to suite many different projects and collaborations. In my early days I listened to Prince and the mastery of curious productivity that lead me to discover the music of Miles Davis and many more. My point is that music is constantly changing and looking for creative paths for expression and with the advancement of home studio recording, a growing community of musicians could now get to work on th expression.


I mentioned a diverse interest in music that would go from Prince to Miles Davis but also from John Williams to Igor Stravinsky. This force of endless inspiration has formed a trust and belief in my musical growth. There is so much to say about these giants and there contribution to musical creativity that one would have an entire library of content to reflect upon. There is so much to learn and discover from them, and with that I do not only refer to their success but also failures that de-mystifies these giants to reveal that they are only human.


Growing with creativity is growing in life, you constantly learn and hear things differently. This is a good thing, something that challenges our way of listening and dealing with sound, and the best thing is that we are willing to share these stories with each other.


The identity of music is the footprint of a composer in its present time, the time and place that is now. Tomorrow is the future that is unwritten and uncharted.


I can’t agree more with the great Hans Zimmer that talks about the writing process as a great mystery that not only is full of creative discovery but also with writers block and disbelief in oneself.


Today the options with sound libraries and plug-ins are so good and many, that It´s easy to get lost in translation between a good melody or a successful workflow. It takes time and patience to find a balance between the two of them. You need a great workflow and tools to shape and alter the sound, but first and foremost you need a piece of music.


In the age of YouTube we can finally access stories from the greats and there challenges in this process, ranging from writers block and suppressed creativity to victory. I tend to do the same, to share my experience however big or small they may be with this community and I will continue to grow in my musical creativity.






Michael Andersson was awarded the Jurys Special price for the filmscore to Andreas Grant´s thriller "Wake Up Call".  This shortfilm will be available soon as will the music be published on several streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and so forth. I would like to take the oppertunity to thank the entire cast and crew for an outstanding production and performance, and a special thanks to the films director Andreas Grant for the oppertunity and memory of a lifetime.



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